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The Chickens Have Started to Lay

It is rather relaxing to go out at the end of the day and just take in the birds.  It is fun to watch them run about, especially in the evening when they get really excited by chasing beetles about for a pre-bedtime treat.  But there is that other bit that comes with having various kinds of birds.  The eggs!

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Tis Been a Productive Day

It’s summer time and that means that there is quite a bit to do on the homestead, battle squash bugs and vine bores, harvest potatoes, sell duck eggs and other such wholesome homestead type activities.  It generally means that by the time there is some free time to do some really awesome blogging or practice the fiddle, I’m probably a little bit beat.

I have a bunch of ideas for different posts, I just need to get caught up on getting them written and published.  So, for the time being, I apologize for the low number of articles.  Hopefully, in the not too distant future, there will be a more steady stream of material shared here and we can work on growing the community.

For now, though, I leave you with this picture, I hope you enjoy.


Making Rustic Spaghetti Sauce

So one of the things that I’ve been growing in the garden is tomatoes.  Last year we mostly grew big beefsteak ones, but the majority of what we did with them was can them and make spaghetti sauce.  This year we switched it up some and have more sauce varieties.  Well, they have started to come in and that means there is but one thing to do, make sauce!
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The Week is Over

This week, like most seems to have flown by.  I’m worn out, feels like I only got about half I what I needed to accomplish done and now it might be time to curl up and read with a cup of tea.


An Update on the Birds and the Bees: Summer Maintenance

Ahh, it’s summertime and the living is easy….oh wait, no…. It’s summertime and there is an awful lot of things to be getting done.  But you know how it is, critters need tending, the bugs want to attack the garden, have to harvest stuff before it is attacked by bugs and then, of course, the lawn wants to grow and grow.  Plus, since it is hot you go out, do stuff and the energy is drained right from your being.
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Adding Another New Skill: Copper Smithing

So, as I’ve posted in the past I am interested in learning blacksmithing.  The goal is to eventually get some of my own equipment and be able to do some of it here.  The downside of that is that it takes a good of change to invest into getting the equipment to begin with.  However, I took a class over the weekend to learn about making copper bowls.
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I’m Worn Out…But I Made a Bowl

I have plenty to write about…. I’m just busy and tired.  More will be coming, but for now I need a shower and some sleep.  I leave you with this snazzy picture.Copper Bowl

Happy (Belated) Independence Day

So it would seem that my post for yesterday didn’t go up as planned.  We were having a good time as a family, getting some work done and enjoying the bounty of the grill (and some of the bounty of the garden as well).  I hope that all of you got to celebrate Independence day in some form or fashion.  I’ll share a photo and wish you all a good night.


Garden Sunset

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