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Farm Tour Series: Wits End Farm

Welcome back to our local farm tour series.  In case this is your jumping in point recently we got the chance to visit a few local working farms and homesteads.  I made sure to take some notes and pictures to be able to share them with you.  Today’s featured stop, Wits End Farm.
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Farm Tour Series: The Crowfoot Farm

Crowfoot FarmsThe first stop on our farm tour is the Crowfoot Farm.  This was the most homestead of any of the stops we made in our travels.  They run a micro dairy and a homestead based on permaculture.  The key to their healthy farm ecosystem is a species diversity.
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Farm Tour Series: An Introduction, Perhaps Some Inspiration

I don’t know if these just happen where I live or if they are wide spread across the country.  But around here various counties set up farm tour weekends.   They convince working farms, homesteads, orchards, stores specializing in local wares to set up open houses on their given weekend and invite the public to come out and see what they do.  The upside is that it can get your name out there if you have a product that you are trying to sell or bring to customers.
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Fighting Poison Ivy, Yes Even on the Backs of the Knees

Let’s face it, poison ivy sucks.  And if it causes you problems you know how bad it is to have to fight poison ivy.   I fall into that group.  As it turns out that the problem in that pernicious problematic weed is an oil called urushiol.  This stuff doesn’t give up either.  It will stick to just anything, you, your clothes, your tools, everything else.  And it will still cause you trouble for hours after leaving the plant.  Thing is that it only affects humans, your dog, llama, cow, or whatever other animals you have won’t have any issue even if they stroll through a field full of it.

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Happy Autumnal Equinox! That is if you are in the Northern Hemisphere

Today is the September Equinox.  So here in the northern hemisphere that means the autumnal equinox, where as south of the equator it would be the vernal equinox.  So Happy Spring to all of you south of the equator.  But for the rest of this I will focus more on the autumnal equinox.  Because I enjoy fall, cool weather, apples, and the like. But first, let’s have a PSA.

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An Inspirational Homestead Quote: Gen George Patton (Quote 3)

So another in our series of quotes.  If you have missed some previous quotes you can go back to the Roosevelt quote and Churchill quote.  Today our quote comes from Gen George S. Patton.  For those who don’t know he was a World War II general from the United States.  He was a tank commander and is a rather well known general.  There is even a movie with his name as the title (it’s about him too).  We won’t go into some of the odd beliefs that he held, we’ll just stick with his quote.

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What I’m Growing This Fall

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve harvested the corn.  It was a good turn out for the first time that I was able to produce corn, but it left empty spots in the garden.  Clearly something had to be done about that.  It looks like my first real frost isn’t until about mid-November.  I’ve got a couple months, so it’s time to plant something else.  But the question becomes…what to plant?
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Pirate Homesteading! For it be Talk Like a Pirate Day

Tis true, the 19th day of September be Talk Like a Pirate Day.  And for the most part it is nothing more than a silly day to be saying yarr to your friends, family and any ships that ye happen to plunder, perhaps we may be having a little fun on the homestead with it as well.  So I says to ye, what if we think how a pirate might homestead.  (For clarification I’m thinking of the historical pirates, who hailed from places in the Caribbean quite often (frequently, not someone without parents) over the modern types).
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