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Month: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is the US the 4th Thursday of November is set aside as a holiday for us to pause for a little while and to reflect on all the things that we are thankful for.  I know that I am thankful for my family and friends, for the ability to work and earn some money, for my health, the land and for all those who read this blog.  I’d love to hear what all of you are thankful for as well.


Oh yes, also there is normally some turkey involved.


Planning for Thanksgiving Night Dinner


How to Winterize Your Car – 11 Tips to Keep Your Auto Ready

Your garden is not the only thing that will need a bit of care for the upcoming winter months.  Your car will also need to have a once over done on it.  While you should keep your car in good working order year round and keep a get home back in it, as the weather turns colder there are a few places that you will need to pay special attention to.  I’ve put together a list of 11 things to check before it gets too cold.
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Fall is Time to Put Your Garden to Sleep for the Winter

As the weather gets cooler and starts to bump up to being considered cold you’ll want to put the garden to bed. Or perhaps mostly to bed. There are some things that might be left to keep growing but for the most part you’ll want to prepare your garden beds for the oncoming winter. Without something growing you’ll need a way to keep the winds from blowing off too much of your soil. You’ll also want some type of protection for the helpful micro-fauna that lives in your soil. And of course the more you clean up now the less you’ll have to do at the start of the next growing season.
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Why Should a Homesteader Learn to Ferment

Now there are a number of things that a home brewer can learn to ferment. For starters I’ve heard a number of podcasters talk about fermenting food for their chickens and that it ends up being better for them. I might have to tackle that subject in the future (perhaps after I get some chickens). You can also ferment food for yourselves, sauerkraut and pickles come to mind. More and more studies have shown that fermented food can be a healthy part of your diet (But remember, I’m not a doctor and not making any health claims). But some times you just want to have a fermented beverage. A beer, a wine, a hard cider, a mead or the like. Sure you can pick some up at the store, but just like the vegetables from your own garden, imagine how much better that homemade fermented beverage would taste when you know that you have crafted it yourself.
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Some Information on Making Apple Cider

So I came across an old blog that I was working on and thought, I might as well move it over here.

So then, a friend of mine had gotten a cider kit and attempted to make a batch of hard cider.  I’m not overly sure of what all happened but she decided to dump it.  So I figure that now is a good time to jot down a few notes on making hard cider.  First lets start with Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.
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