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Learning Skills: I took a Blacksmithing Class

Many homesteaders enjoy learning skills that can help them on the homestead.  There are any number of skills that would be great to know.  Some are simple that you probably have some level of knowledge on already that you are looking to just increase your skill level on, perhaps cooking.  Then there are others that could be a very useful thing to know, but you know nothing about, let’s say blacksmithing.  I took my first steps to learning some on it, and I have to say that I’m hooked.
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Urban Homesteading

Before I got the chance to move out to some acreage and work the land that I’m currently at, I dreamed about homesteading.  My wife tried her hand at a garden or two.  We looked at the idea of keeping some chickens, we had a little compost pile.  And the thing is, we were homesteading.  Of course, at that point, I didn’t know the term Urban Homesteading, but it is kind of what we were doing. Continue reading

Seems That Ducks can Grow Rather Quickly

So last Thursday I got some ducks, as you may have noticed from last week’s post.  Or if you have seen the Instagram feed it is bordering on all ducks all the time.  I promise you there will be other things on the ducks on there, but you have to admit ducklings are quite cute.  I must say, though, I am rather shocked at how fast they’ve grown.  With my understanding that they were shipped out within a day or so of their hatching and thinking that they would be shipped overnight or one day I would have to believe that these ducks were born around the 16th or 17th.
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And Then There Were Ducks!

As I had mentioned this year we were looking at getting ducks.  I didn’t put that the ducks had been on order already.  Well, I can proudly say that they have arrived.  I got a phone call from the post office in the morning saying that a box of chicks had arrived.  So I headed down to the local post office and picked them up.
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Bread, Bread, Must Have Bread

When I was young I would occasionally make bread with my family.  Very often this came during the winter and one of the loaves we would make was a honey wheat loaf.  Let me re-phrase that, one recipe we would make was a honey wheat one.  We normally had to make about 4 loaves of that at a time so that some of it might make it to the next day.  Between my little brother and I, we could put some bread away.  There is something magic about a loaf of bread right from the oven.  All hot and steaming and full of yeasty goodness.  Especially when you can cut it and butter it and it is still so warm the butter melts right away.
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Dreaming of Green: Envisioning This Year’s Garden

As we move further into winter it is a good time to start thinking about what you’ll grow in your garden this upcoming spring.  Last year I got a late start.  My planning was rather rushed and so I didn’t have that much time to think through where things should go.  I ended up tossing stuff in later than I should have and as such, I didn’t take all that good of notes.  I ended up getting some measure of success, but I think that I could do better with some more planning.  One of the things that I’m looking at doing this year is to develop a binder to hold all of my homesteading info, I’m hoping this will help me get a better hold on what I have accomplished and what needs to be done.
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The Ducks are Coming, Time to Get Ready

So I’ve written on a few occasions in the past about reason to raise ducks and what my plans where to keep some.  The time has come for another update, but this one is a little bit more than a plan.  The exciting news is that the ducks are coming!  They have been ordered and at some point this next week I should be getting some ducks arriving in the mail.
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