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Keeping Bees in Something Other Than Wood

I have made some mention of looking at adding a beehive or so in the coming year. Currently, both of the hives that I am working with are in traditional wooden Langstroth hives. While I have no problem with more wooden hives and in particular more wooden Langstroth hives I have been somewhat intrigued by other hive styles. There is a whole wide world of beehives out there, so why not try a few different types. Continue reading

A Major Goal for 2017: Better Notes

One thing that I’ve noticed while looking back over my first year of taking a stab at homesteading is that I need to see about taking more notes.  When doing my wrap up for 2016 I realized that in the day to day of tackling I was doing alright, but after a few weeks it starts to become fuzzy as to just when things happened and exactly how long ago they happened. Continue reading

A New Year with Big Plans!

So we discussed how 2016 went for us in our last article, but that is enough looking back for right now.  Let’s take a look forward and examine some of the plans and goals that I have for this upcoming year.  Now it is generally a good idea to dream big and reach for the stars.  At the same point, one has to be realistic about how much time you have and how much you will be able to accomplish, since there are other pulls on your time, like spending time with family and perhaps even earning some money.  One piece of advice that I have heard from a number of homesteaders is to take on new ventures slowly, so you don’t get burned out and want to give up.
Continue reading

A 2016 Hootenanny Wrap Up

Well, the year has ended and as normally happens, a new one has begun.  There has been a lot of changes as you may have seen on this blog.  But it is a good idea as we find ourselves crossing the threshold of a new year to look back and see what we have managed to accomplish to remember what we failed at.  In the upcoming days we’ll also take a look at some of oh plans for the upcoming year. Continue reading

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