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More Skills, More Blacksmithing, Another Class

I had a good time at my introduction to blacksmithing course last month.  I felt like I learned something that was pretty awesome and would be a great skill to have.  To be honest I’ve been watching some various videos on blacksmithing on the youtubes as well.  Well, I ended up going back down for another course.  This one ended up being a touch longer than the last course, but I feel that I learned still more.

BlacksmithingI learned how to make some hooks.  Caitlin from Ms Caitlin’s School of Blacksmithing came out to teach this one and I have to say that she is a great instructor.  If you are interested in blacksmithing and have a chance to take a class of her’s I would recommend it.  One of the things that she told us about was working through a project in modeling clay before you start to pull out the metal.  It made an awful lot of sense, and I might just have to look into getting a hammer and some modeling clay to hold me over until I can outfit the rest of the gear for my own set up.

As far as what we learned, I made a collection of different hooks.  First we made a wall hook with a back plate.  I learned how to punch holes in metal and it happens to be the first hook that I’ve ever made.  Next we made some S hooks.  I have been told by a number of family members that they want to get a good stock of them, so I can forsee making a lot more as I build my set up.


Then we made a plate hanger and I got to use scrolling tongs for the first time.  Bending the metal while it was hot was a bit more of a challenge than I first thought it would be.  When it cooled just a touch it was really hard to bend.  Then I got to make a large tap hook.  I figured that this will be quite useful for putting up in the bed enclosure to hang up buckets or some such.

All in all, I still enjoy blacksmithing and will be continuing on this journey of learning such a skill and then hopefully setting up a little bit of a set up on the homestead.

What of the Ducks: Your Weekly Duckling Update

The little ducklings continue to grow, while they have perhaps slowed on getting bigger, it has been interesting watching their adult feathers come in.  Some of them have begun quacking, others are still peeping.  Since the last time I wrote about them we’ve had some, shall we say, adventures.  Don’t worry, everyone is still with us.
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Baking and Barbecue: What a Valentines

Sometimes on Valentines Day you just have to make some pulled pork.  Sure this can be a fairly long process, but it can be very rewarding.  Now I’m not the world’s leading expert in live fire cooking, but I tend to not get any complaints when I smoke up a batch.   Some of this may be that no one is going to turn down even half decent barbeque when someone else is making it and giving it to them to eat.
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Happy Valentines

I might be a day early, but I hope all of you are having a great Valentines Day.  And since I can’t think of anything else to post at the moment.  Feel free to contact us on the contact page if you have any suggestions or something you might like to see covered.  I hope all of you are enjoying Valentines Day.  Continue reading

Winter Time is Garden Planning Time

I’ve been looking back at how the garden went last year and making the appropriate plans for this year.  As you may have seen in some of the older posts I’ve expanded out my garden space and just this week I’ve finished making raised beds for the new expansion.  While I still need to fill these new beds, there is something nice about walking through the garden and not having a big empty area.
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Homesteading Inspirational Quote (Quote 7)

Pooh Quote

Just some Funny Ducks

We have been taking a bunch of photos of ducks and some of them just needed to be shared for the giggles and the awws.  So I hope you enjoy,  feel free to share them about as long as you let people know where they came from.
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Another Update on Growing Ducks

Well, it seems that these ducks just keep growing.  I got my fencing in and it is up and has the charger attached and should be working well.  I need to go out and use the tester that I got to verify the fence is on and electrified.  I know there is the other way…but I have a tester so I might as well go ahead and use it.
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