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Month: March 2017

Bees and Dead Bees and Happy Bees

So I mentioned in a previous post that I lost a hive over the winter.  There were some bees that were in there, kind of frozen in time.  I thought that since bees tend to move around a bit when alive I would use the opportunity to play with the macro lens and see if I could get some decent pictures.  They didn’t turn out amazing.  But I’ll share a few here.

Former Bee

Former Bee


But to keep things fair and balanced, here are a few live bees from the other hive.




Building a Duck House

As you have no doubt seen if you have been following the instaham feed, it was time to construct an outside kind of home for the ducks.  I’ve seen various sources that they’ve moved their ducks out after two weeks with a heat lamp and others stated that 4 weeks was enough and some said 6 weeks was good.  Since I started in January I wanted to make sure it was warm enough for them and they wouldn’t get too cold.  Seems that 8 weeks was the right amount of time, partly because I was running out of space for them in the brooder area.
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Just What Has Been Going On Around Here

In an effort to catch up with what has been going on, allow me to share with you all some pictures of some of the activities that have been happening around our homestead.  Hope you enjoy and let me know which are your favorites.
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Catching Up is Hard to Do

Have you ever had that week, week and a half when you are totally under the weather?  When you really just feel like crud and you end up doing the minimums you can just to try to maximize sleep?  That happened a week or two-ish back.   You may have noticed that there weren’t as many updates on the blog and such.  Don’t worry, I’ve been working on catching back up and getting back into my normal rhythm.

For now, I’ll just leave a few hints here about things that I will need to write up.


We added some chicks to the homestead…


The ducks have moved outside…..


A few seeds have been started….


There has been some planting….


Soon there will be a bit more planting….


And with that, I will end for now and leave you to wonder until I get some more written up.

Sometimes you Just have to Bee Funny

Well, the good news is that I have been able to order some more bees.  I have the hive at my mom’s all blocked off so that it doesn’t get robbed.  Since in my research, it seems that it was just a winter kill I will be putting the new package of bees onto the provisions that are in there.  The other set of bees have had some warm days and so I’ve already given them some syrup.  There is more to do, though, hopefully, those girls will pull through what should be our last blast of cold.  I also have to paint the new hive and get it set up and ready for when this new package arrives.
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I’m Worn Out, But here is a Duck

I’m a bit too low on brain power at the moment, but here is a duck.

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But Where Did the Bees Go?

As you have seen I’ve been keeping bees this year.  I had been making sure that they would have enough stores and such to live through the winter.  As we’ve had a few warm days I went out to check the hives and was meant with some sadness.
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