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Happy Memorial Day, But Don’t Forget Its Meaning

Happy Memorial Day to All! (Well at least those in the USA).  I just want to take a short minute to remember what this day is about.  While many people view it as the “Start of Summer” or BBQ day or something of the like, this day has been set aside to remember all those who passed away while serving in the Armed Forces.

I don’t want to say don’t celebrate, by all means, you should.  Enjoy the freedoms that these brave men and women were willing to lay down their lives for.  But at some point during the day remember those who gave all for what you have.

Memorial Day

Flash Back Friday: Birds

So it seems like it was a long time ago, but at one point some of the birds that are out in the yard now were much smaller.  I thought I’d toss up a few pictures to look back at how much they have grown in a few short months. Continue reading

Happy Towel Day to All the Homesteading Nerds

Happy Towel Day

First Harvest of the Year: Radishes

I can happily say that I have had my first harvest of things that I planted this season!  Well, kinda the first.  I had gotten some lettuce and kale plants that I’ve pulled off some leaves to add to salads.  But I have some radishes that are ready to be picked.  Mostly I planted them as a companion plant since at some point I remember reading something about the radishes helping to keep away some sort of bug from tomatoes.  However, now I can’t find a darn thing on it, so it might just be that there is nothing to it and I just sprinkled radishes around for having radishes.
Continue reading

A Hootenanny Homestead Garden Update

Well now, it seems that it has been a while since the garden was planted.  And things are growing!  It is exciting to see things sprout up, but then also a bit annoying when others don’t seem to be springing up just yet.  Now as a point of note, I have some interesting soil in various beds.  Some of last years have a mixture of nice soil and peat most and all of last years mulch and the like. Continue reading

Soap Making: Fun With Dangerous Chemicals

Just a short one day.  About a month ago I made my first batch of soap.  I found a recipe online and ordered some pieces of equipment and went for it.  It was a simple cold process batch which means that I had to wait a month for the bars to cure.  Overall I enjoyed it and I will be looking at making some more. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Another Picture

Hope the day finds you all doing well!


Beautiful Day

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