Greetings and Salutations,

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Stan.  I’ll be the principle author around here.  I was in the military for a while it came time stop being in the military and needed to look for something else to do.  I had gotten another job but it didn’t really work out.  After some reflecting, I determined that I’d much rather spend time at home with my family then work myself week in and week out.  The problem is that very few people want to pay you to stay home with your family.

That led to some research.  I’ve been looking into various forms of passive income.  (In that vein I’m sure at some point there will be some links to products that will end up providing me a commission.  I have no plan to turn this blog into a sales page, but at times when there is something I use or recommend I’ll share a link.)

As far as other cast of characters around here, first would be my wife, Stella.  She is presently in school to get another job.  Also there is our daughter, we’ll call her Little Bug, sometimes Bug for short.  There are also my in laws.  As the story goes they purchased this hunk of land and we ended up moving in to save some money while transitioning.  It also let us come out to some land and get started on some homesteading.  It is something that we had both been interested in.

So that is us as we are now.  I welcome you to sharing in our homesteading journey.  Hopefully we can develop a nice community here to share some knowledge, share some encouragement and should we gather some, share some wisdom.


And should you be looking for a way to help out in our quest, I’d ask if you could use the Amazon link.  (If you haven’t heard the pitch before, it won’t cost you anything extra but Amazon will kick a little bit back our way for sending them a customer.)  Thanks for your support!