We’ve been having some issues with various pests in the garden.  Some little bugs like to show up and munch on things like the broccoli and the squash.  While we have gone through and picked some off and feed them to the ducks and sprayed some neem oil, we thought it might be time to try something else as well.  So I decided that I would put a couple ducks into the garden for a few hours one day.

The ducks weren’t overly happy about doing something different in their daily routine, but I was able to get a couple of them into the garden to try a bug patrol.  I had left them some water and thought that with that and some of the shady spots in the garden they shouldn’t have too much trouble and they can chow down on bugs.

Now the day was hot.  Somewhere in the upper 90s and kinda humid too.  I had read that ducks have a high heat tolerance and knew that all of them had shady spots and water, so I didn’t think it would be too much of an issue.  Sadly I was wrong.

After about 4 hours I figured that I would let the bug patrol rejoin their friends in the duck pen.  I went out to find one duck had passed on.  I checked her over and couldn’t find any marks of something having attacked her.  The other garden duck and the ducks in the pen seemed fine.  As best I can tell she over heated.

If you have ducks, or chickens too, be sure that they have plenty of water and lots of shady places to beat the heat as it gets hot over the summer.