As I had mentioned this year we were looking at getting ducks.  I didn’t put that the ducks had been on order already.  Well, I can proudly say that they have arrived.  I got a phone call from the post office in the morning saying that a box of chicks had arrived.  So I headed down to the local post office and picked them up.

Once I got them I could hear them peeping away.  Luckily I had things set up and ready at home, I just had to plug in the heat lamp.  Ducklings








So 12 little ducklings joined us.  They seemed happy to get out of their box and have some space to wander about.  They got some water, then a bit later they got some food.  Looking thru the info I’ve been able to find ducklings need unmedicated food around 18-21% protein.  I had picked up a small bag to start off that mentions being for ducks on it, off the top of my head I don’t remember the brand or the exact name of it.  I think it said it was 18%, but if it isn’t I’ll edit this to change to what it was.

I have some chick grit, but so long as they just have their crumbles I’ve read they don’t need any.  I may eventually give these ducklings some other stuff like grass or some fruit, but I have the grit ready for them.







Now, I know these pictures look a little bit red from the heat lamp.  Fear not there will be some more pictures coming.  If nothing else you can always check the InstaHam feed that my wife is running for the homestead.

People have been asking me if they are going to be named.  To make the little Bug happy I think there will be some names, not sure how much they will get used those.


  1.  Herbert Ninenger
  2. Ducky McDuck Face
  3. Darkwing
  4. Mrs. Beckly
  5. Lord Admiral Quackers
  6. Darth Feathers
  7. Princess Duckington
  8. Nugget
  9. Combo
  10. Daisy
  11. Fluffball
  12. Duckster

And just because I can…here is a pirate duck!

Pirate Duck