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Farm Tour Time

With the coming of the fall, we have the beginning of a lot of fun activities.  Of course, there are hayrides and pumpkin picking and other things, but around here there are a number of farm tours going on.  We talked about some farm tours last year, this year we haven’t visited as many locations, but I wanted to post about at least a couple of them.  At least around here, there is a wide range of places to visit.  Some are more on the large-scale production agriculture model, while others are more of the small-scale, with a family tackling some sort of endeavor.  These are great places to visit to get some inspiration and find out who else is in the local area.
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Just Where Does the Time Go

As you might have noticed I hadn’t posted in a while.  I had some ideas to about things to write about and then the time just seems to have melted away.  Let me wish you all a good Fall and a Happy October!  I hope that all is going well for each of you!


A Little Bit of Throwback Fun

From the Department of Agriculture

Fall Gardening

There is no reason that when the plants you put in the garden in the spring start to give up you have to be done.  If you start planting as we get to August you will have another bounty in the fall.  I’ve found some space in my garden, some for happy reasons, some not so happy.  But it was time to plant the next round.
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Canning Day

An important skill for any homesteader is to be able to preserve the harvest.  I’ve written some about canning in the past, but once again, if you are going to do some canning you’ll want to do it safely.  I would recommend taking a look at the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving .  It has a ton of information on the best way to safely can a large number of different items that you might have grown.
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So There Was An Eclipse

As many of you know there was a solar eclipse that was visible for a large chunk of the United States.  We were not in the path of totality, but we did get to see a partial eclipse.  I know that my photo line up isn’t the greatest ever, but I would like to share with you a series of photos that I look from the Hootenanny Homestead.

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July Totals – Just How Much Did We Grow

Last year was our first year with really having a garden and as such there was a lot of figuring things out and trying to determine the best way to do things.  That hasn’t really changed dramatically, as we are still learning different approaches.  One should keep learning through out one’s life.  However, I am happy to say that I have remembered an improvement that we’ve implemented.  Last year we grew stuff and didn’t really have a good tally at the end of the year.
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The Chickens Have Started to Lay

It is rather relaxing to go out at the end of the day and just take in the birds.  It is fun to watch them run about, especially in the evening when they get really excited by chasing beetles about for a pre-bedtime treat.  But there is that other bit that comes with having various kinds of birds.  The eggs!

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