I took another blacksmithing class this weekend.  This one was a blacksmithing boot camp, to work on the basics (which meant that I ended up learning quite a bit).  This is just going to be a quick update on what I did.  I am looking into setting up my own forge and all, so hopefully, that will lead to a bit more blacksmithing.

Blacksmithing is an art, and a science, and a sport. And that sport is dance. – Jerry (Blacksmith Teacher)

BlacksmithingThe first evening we launched into some of the basics of blacksmithing, but then went into forge welding.  First, we took a piece of round stock and flatten the ends of the stock.  The piece was then bent to a ring and welded together.  It was rather impressive and great to know that I can do that again if required.

The next day we got started with making scrolls.  We did it all with hammers, though it is possible to make them just using tongs as well.  We’d forge a scroll and then cut it off and do it again.  I’ve found that in a lot of blacksmithing with you are learning just repeatedly making the item, again and again, is a great way to get it down.  This allows you get to practice, but you can also make some changes to see if there is a certain thing that you like.

Later that day we made a spoon.  I had made a knife and a fork before, but getting to draw out the handle and then make the bowl of the spoon was new.  (I can happily say that my spoon works).

BlacksmithingThe last day we started off making some tools.  We used tool steel to make a hot and cold chisel and then a hot punch.  In the process, we learned how to quench tools to make them hardened.  When that was done we learned how to make a wall mounted candle sconce.  The only problem was that at the end of everything I was feeling a bit worn down and it might not have been my best work.

It looks like they will be doing a gas forge building class later in the year.  I’m looking into going to that as well.  This means that I just need to look into finding my own anvil.