When I was young I would occasionally make bread with my family.  Very often this came during the winter and one of the loaves we would make was a honey wheat loaf.  Let me re-phrase that, one recipe we would make was a honey wheat one.  We normally had to make about 4 loaves of that at a time so that some of it might make it to the next day.  Between my little brother and I, we could put some bread away.  There is something magic about a loaf of bread right from the oven.  All hot and steaming and full of yeasty goodness.  Especially when you can cut it and butter it and it is still so warm the butter melts right away.

Baking BreadThis thought came to me the other day as I was making some bread.  I know, fancy that.  During the winter we traditionally have one night a week that we will make a soup of some sort or another.  And the past several weeks I have been making a homemade loaf of bread to go along with it.  So far they haven’t been anything too fancy, mostly I’ve been finding some recipes from King Arthur Flour.  Looking back many of them have had rustic or country in the title.  They tend to be a very simple loaf, but ever so tasty.

As I spoke about this to someone they suggested, what if I made all the bread that we used.  I think there might be something to that.  Most bread recipes call for flour (perhaps a few types), water, salt, and yeast.  Sometimes there will be a little bit sugar or the like, but for the most part, bread doesn’t call for really obscure ingredients.  Another great benefit of this would be that we could cut out a number of the preservatives that are found in most store bought bread.

I have to say that I’m still pondering this over.  I might make a go at it.  I don’t know that I would end up making all the Baking Breadbread that we eat around here, but then again, even a little bit might help out.  Plus there is always the added bonus that every so often my kitchen would smell like a bakery, which is always a plus in my book.  Though between baking and brewing my wife might start making jokes about running a yeast ranch.

One thing that I’m still looking into is the possibility of getting either a bread slicing machine or a guide for cutting slices of bread for sandwiches.  If anyone is familiar with a good solution, I’d love to hear about it.  Thanks!