As you have no doubt seen if you have been following the instaham feed, it was time to construct an outside kind of home for the ducks.  I’ve seen various sources that they’ve moved their ducks out after two weeks with a heat lamp and others stated that 4 weeks was enough and some said 6 weeks was good.  Since I started in January I wanted to make sure it was warm enough for them and they wouldn’t get too cold.  Seems that 8 weeks was the right amount of time, partly because I was running out of space for them in the brooder area.

Duck HouseI can’t say that I had found a plan that I liked and built to it, just kinda dreamed one up and started construction.  I liked the idea of a duck barn, just on a smaller scale.  I had originally meant to do a different roof style, but then I found I was running out of time to dream and went simple.  It is an 8×8 building, I had read that ducks need about 4 square feet of space in their house, but I think with the yard that they have they could have gotten by with less space.  We’ll see how things go in the summer.

The way that their yard is laid out one side shares a fence with the garden.  I have a door built into the back that I just need to do a little bit more with so they will have a hatch that can open right to the garden for Duck Housewhen I want them to take on garden pests.

I’m sure that I’ll at some point want to change things on it, but for now, I think it shall work.  The first few nights the ducks had to be herded (caught and put in) but they went in on their own for the first time.  If all goes well they will continue to put themselves to bed.  Duck rodeo is a good form of cardio though…



Duck House