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The Chickens Have Started to Lay

It is rather relaxing to go out at the end of the day and just take in the birds.  It is fun to watch them run about, especially in the evening when they get really excited by chasing beetles about for a pre-bedtime treat.  But there is that other bit that comes with having various kinds of birds.  The eggs!

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An Update on the Birds and the Bees: Summer Maintenance

Ahh, it’s summertime and the living is easy….oh wait, no…. It’s summertime and there is an awful lot of things to be getting done.  But you know how it is, critters need tending, the bugs want to attack the garden, have to harvest stuff before it is attacked by bugs and then, of course, the lawn wants to grow and grow.  Plus, since it is hot you go out, do stuff and the energy is drained right from your being.
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Happy Summer Time To All

So I know it was earlier this week, but happy summer.  As a side note, things are coming out of the garden, I’m looking into a good system to get a feeling for how much we harvest this year.



And Then I Lost a Duck

We’ve been having some issues with various pests in the garden.  Some little bugs like to show up and munch on things like the broccoli and the squash.  While we have gone through and picked some off and feed them to the ducks and sprayed some neem oil, we thought it might be time to try something else as well.  So I decided that I would put a couple ducks into the garden for a few hours one day. Continue reading

So I had to Save a Duck

So yesterday I was doing some work in the duck’s yard.  I was working on getting their little pool a bit more level so that they would end up having more water.  At the end of the day, I took my wife out to show her what I had gotten done during the day.  That is when I heard it.

There was a quacking, I know, not all that odd in the duck yard.  But it sounded like it was coming from inside the coop.  Well that isn’t all that odd either.  But then when I looked in the coop, no duck.  Behind the coop, no duck.  But the quacking continued.  Then I looked under the coop.

Chickens Dust BathNow the past few days the chickens had been scratching to make a dust bath.  I noticed that some of the smaller hens where able to squeeze themselves underneath.  I’ve seen some of the Khaki Campbells tryed to get under, but it seemed like they were too big to fit.

Imagine my surprise when I looked under the coop and saw a pekin, stuck under the coop.  She was quacking and quacking, but seemed like she couldn’t make it out.  So I had to dig her out.  I dug  a bit of a trench and was able to pull her out from under the coop.  Of course she wasn’t thankful about this, then once she got out she ran off to be next to the other pekin and they wandered off as though nothing had happened.

Stuck Duck I’ve now blocked up the holes some more and the chickens have a new dust bath area.  Hopefully we won’t have any more ducks that need extraction.

Just What is Going on with the Livestock

First, there were bees and bees were simple.  But then we moved into trying out other livestocks (poultry this year).  I had a plan of getting 12 ducks.  I thought that would give me plenty to deal with and then I would be able to see about growing the operation in future years.  Well, that isn’t exactly as things went.  First, we added on some chickens and a couple more ducks.  Then, the other day my wife returned home from work with some additions.
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Livestock Update: Just What Do We Have Around Here

So we have technically had livestock since shortly after we moved in here.  As bees are lifeforms that are kept to produce honey, they are considered livestock and since we got them a little after we moved in, nearly a year of livestock.  But this year we have acquired some additional livestock around these parts.  I’ve written a bit about the 12 khaki campbells that moved in in January, but recently there have been a few new additions as well.

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Building a Duck House

As you have no doubt seen if you have been following the instaham feed, it was time to construct an outside kind of home for the ducks.  I’ve seen various sources that they’ve moved their ducks out after two weeks with a heat lamp and others stated that 4 weeks was enough and some said 6 weeks was good.  Since I started in January I wanted to make sure it was warm enough for them and they wouldn’t get too cold.  Seems that 8 weeks was the right amount of time, partly because I was running out of space for them in the brooder area.
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