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Last Year’s Egg Update

As we move into the New Year it is a good time to both look back at how things went last year and then make some plans on how to improve in the coming year.  Let’s start off with how the birds have faired in our first year of having ducks and chickens.
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The Fate of The Roosters

As I have gone over, this past year I’ve been taking care of some ducks and chickens.  I had originally set out to get just egg layers, but over the course of getting birds and raising them, it seems that a few males snuck into the group as well.  Since they were vastly outnumbered I decided that I would let them stay, as it is cool to have a slightly more diverse group wander around.
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The Chickens Have Started to Lay

It is rather relaxing to go out at the end of the day and just take in the birds.  It is fun to watch them run about, especially in the evening when they get really excited by chasing beetles about for a pre-bedtime treat.  But there is that other bit that comes with having various kinds of birds.  The eggs!

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