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A Hootenanny Homestead Garden Update

Well now, it seems that it has been a while since the garden was planted.  And things are growing!  It is exciting to see things sprout up, but then also a bit annoying when others don’t seem to be springing up just yet.  Now as a point of note, I have some interesting soil in various beds.  Some of last years have a mixture of nice soil and peat most and all of last years mulch and the like. Continue reading

A Homestead Update: The Garden is Planted

We seem to be truly out of winter now.  Well, to start out we didn’t really have much of a winter this year, to begin with.   It seems that we just had a cool period around these parts.  I think we had one or two legitimately cold snaps, but not so much with true winter.  In fact, I just had to pull the kale that I planted in October out to make room to plant other seeds.   We have moved past our average last frost and we have even hit the folk wisdom of “Don’t plant until after Good Friday”.
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Winter Time is Garden Planning Time

I’ve been looking back at how the garden went last year and making the appropriate plans for this year.  As you may have seen in some of the older posts I’ve expanded out my garden space and just this week I’ve finished making raised beds for the new expansion.  While I still need to fill these new beds, there is something nice about walking through the garden and not having a big empty area.
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Dreaming of Green: Envisioning This Year’s Garden

As we move further into winter it is a good time to start thinking about what you’ll grow in your garden this upcoming spring.  Last year I got a late start.  My planning was rather rushed and so I didn’t have that much time to think through where things should go.  I ended up tossing stuff in later than I should have and as such, I didn’t take all that good of notes.  I ended up getting some measure of success, but I think that I could do better with some more planning.  One of the things that I’m looking at doing this year is to develop a binder to hold all of my homesteading info, I’m hoping this will help me get a better hold on what I have accomplished and what needs to be done.
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Fall is Time to Put Your Garden to Sleep for the Winter

As the weather gets cooler and starts to bump up to being considered cold you’ll want to put the garden to bed. Or perhaps mostly to bed. There are some things that might be left to keep growing but for the most part you’ll want to prepare your garden beds for the oncoming winter. Without something growing you’ll need a way to keep the winds from blowing off too much of your soil. You’ll also want some type of protection for the helpful micro-fauna that lives in your soil. And of course the more you clean up now the less you’ll have to do at the start of the next growing season.
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Expanding a Garden and Building a Fence

So, should you expand out your garden?  At first it seems that the answer is an easy yes.  A bigger garden sounds like it will produce more food.  That leads to more independence from having to go to the grocery store, which is less trips to town and more time you could spend at home.  It all sounds so good when you first look at it.  But take a step back, is it really that simple?  There are a few things to consider.
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Are Pressure Treated Timbers Safe to use in the Garden?

There is a lot written on why you should garden in a raised bed.  And so you’ve decided that you want to go about it.  That’s great.  Then you start looking at your options for a raised bed.  Well you could easily just pile up dirt and there you go.  It’s simple, it’s affordable, it’s probably the most natural solution that you can go with.  But there are reasons that you might not want to go that route.  You might be concerned during rain your soil with erode away (I’m not saying it does, I’ve never tried it and I don’t know).  Perhaps you or your significant other decided that you wanted the garden to look “nicer”.  Whatever you reason, you’ve sought out different ways to do your raised beds.
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Should I Pick This: Harvest Watermelon

So once again, let’s take a look at the watermelon.  I know that this is generally a summer time pick, but I have two things for that.  One, mine got planted a bit late, so it is just time that they are getting ready.  Secondly I now have time to write about it.  So it is clearly the right time to write about.
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