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Just What is Going on with the Livestock

First, there were bees and bees were simple.  But then we moved into trying out other livestocks (poultry this year).  I had a plan of getting 12 ducks.  I thought that would give me plenty to deal with and then I would be able to see about growing the operation in future years.  Well, that isn’t exactly as things went.  First, we added on some chickens and a couple more ducks.  Then, the other day my wife returned home from work with some additions.
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Pondering Building a Chicken Tractor

As has been mentioned, we ended up getting some chickens.  Now at this point two of the chickens will be moving into the duck yard to be their friends.  This means that I need to come up with a home for 6 more chickens at this point.  The choices seem to be a stationary coop and a mobile tractor.  A stationary coop may be easier to lay out and set up but could lead to a bare patch.  The mobile option would mean fresh grass and no area gets torn up too much.  But the planning must begin.
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Livestock Update: Just What Do We Have Around Here

So we have technically had livestock since shortly after we moved in here.  As bees are lifeforms that are kept to produce honey, they are considered livestock and since we got them a little after we moved in, nearly a year of livestock.  But this year we have acquired some additional livestock around these parts.  I’ve written a bit about the 12 khaki campbells that moved in in January, but recently there have been a few new additions as well.

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