So I’ve written on a few occasions in the past about reason to raise ducks and what my plans where to keep some.  The time has come for another update, but this one is a little bit more than a plan.  The exciting news is that the ducks are coming!  They have been ordered and at some point this next week I should be getting some ducks arriving in the mail.

DucklingsSo, I can let you all in on it.  I will be starting with a dozen ducklings.  They are all going to be Khaki Campbells.  I went with this one partially since in my during my research it seems like they are quite the egg producers.  As a plus, they also get big enough that they can be meat birds as well.  Now they don’t quite get as large as say a Pekin White, but they can still do both if called for.  I’m starting with all female ducks to see about maximizing eggs to start with.  Of course, I may end up overrun with duck eggs, but that is not a problem that I feel that I need to plan for just yet.

I am mostly ready for the ducklings.  I have set up a brooder area, but looking at it I think that I’m going to put together a stand to get them up on some wire to make it a little easier to clean up the ducks and their mess.  I need to do a dry run of the heat lamp and make sure I have it positioned correctly to provide enough warmth for the little ones.  Since it is winter they will mostly be living inside until they are fully feathered.  Last time I looked at my books it seems that we are looking at 6 to 8 Duck vs. Chickcenweeks, but I will reassess as needed as we move along.

I just got my electric netting fence, so I’ll need to find a day that the ground is thawed out enough to get the fence up
and set up.  I have a solar energizer so I’ll be able to run the fence off of that.  I do need to build a coop for when they move out, but I feel like I’ve got a little bit of time before that comes up (perhaps 6-8 weeks).  It should be a fun adventure.   You’ll be seeing more posts here as the process goes along.

Also, this might be a good time to plug our instagram thingie.  My wife is running it and I have a feeling that once the ducklings show up there might be quite a few duckling pictures popping up there.  The username should be HootenannyHollow.  Please wish me luck that I can make this work out.