The little ducklings continue to grow, while they have perhaps slowed on getting bigger, it has been interesting watching their adult feathers come in.  Some of them have begun quacking, others are still peeping.  Since the last time I wrote about them we’ve had some, shall we say, adventures.  Don’t worry, everyone is still with us.

Duck Field TripFor starters, we had a rather warm day a week or so back, so we decided to take the ducks out on a field trip.  Being all sunny we took the ducklings out and let them run through the garden.  It is fenced off, so they can’t get too far away.  And since we aren’t growing a whole lot (though I did get the rest of the beds put in) we don’t need to worry about them eating up all of our plants.  So they ran about, mostly in a flock.  One of them got separated out and ended up spending most of the time running about on her own.

Also, we’ve started to give them some greens.  Mostly they get some of the extra kale that seems to still be going strong.  It is funny when we put it into their pen.  The first one realizes that it is food and starts to scarf some down.  Then everyone else realizes that there is something to eat they stampede over and every tries to get some.  If I put in two containers they will all crowd around one until it is gone and then move to the second.

The girls have also gotten to go for a swim.  I filled up a container with some water and put them in a couple at a time.  They had a grand old time splashing and such.  Then when it was time to come out they got toweled off and headed under the heat lamp.  Since then they’ve had a few adventures taking a bath.Duck Swimming

There has been a bit of trouble, though.  One duck has taken to feather pecking.  She is now in her own little duck pod.  But I’ve found that if I leave the cover off for too long she will jump out of the rubbermaid she is in and wander around the room.

Then we have the limpies.  Limpy 1 seemed that she might have had a sprained ankle.  Happily, she is back on her feet and running about whenever she is able.  However, Limpy 2 started doing a belly crawl to get anywhere.  As she was one of the smaller of the ducks, this meant she was normally under everyone else as they started to stampede.  She was looking a little rough, but she is in a duck pod with Limpy 1 for company.  Looking about, I think she had a niacin deficiency.  So we’ve been making sure she gets a bit more brewers yeast with her food.  I think it is slowly working as she is making a better effort at standing and the like.

Coop planning is progressing.  I think that I have a basic design, now I have to put it on paper and start building.  I am building in a little bit extra space for the coop and it might need to have some roosting bars.  I’ve read about adding a few chickens in with your ducks and then doing deep litter method for the coop, as the chickens will fluff up the bedding.  I’m still researching, but I’ll keep you all informed.