There is no reason that when the plants you put in the garden in the spring start to give up you have to be done.  If you start planting as we get to August you will have another bounty in the fall.  I’ve found some space in my garden, some for happy reasons, some not so happy.  But it was time to plant the next round.

Garden Update

GardenFirst off, we had to clear out some plants because they gave up.  My beans, for example, produced a good number of beans that were rather enjoyable, but they got to the point that you could tell that they were done.  On the other hand, we got to the point with our squash that the squash bugs and vine bores beat us again this year.

Sadly I think that we won’t end up with watermelons or pumpkins this year.  I had tried starting a good number of seeds and I got some happy looking seedlings.  I got them outside to harden them some, but when they went into the garden I ended up losing them.  I’m not sure why the first batch died off, but I think that the second round became a treat for a little bunny that snuck into the garden.

GardenLastly, we have the case of the corn.  It did so well last year I figured that I had a good place for it and all would be grand.  Then one day it started turning yellow.  On further investigation, we found some beetles that we think were corn flea beetles that got into the plants.  With some research, it looks like these kinds of beetles can spread Stewards Wilt, which is what I believe ended up killing off my crop this year.  They are now all out of the garden as well.

On a happier note, my tomatoes are still kicking.  They are still cranking out some tomatoes so I might have to can some more.  Also, it would seem that I have some kind of perennial swiss chard.  I planted the things back in October.  They kept kicking and are still happy as can be.  Huzzah for salad.

Fall Planting So Far

No Till GardenI know that I will most likely have some more planting but so far I have a few things in the garden.  I added some kale to my salad bed.  I need to harvest some of the lettuce seeds from that bed soon.

I figured I would try some more squash.  I planted some butternut but also some more zucchini and yellow summer squash.  Plus, I know that I can always find a use for those, even if I shred them up to sneak into other foodstuffs.  Also the butternut can store well, so we’ll see if we can get some on our shelves this year.

Then I added some golden beets into an open bed.  I don’t so much care for the normal beets, but I have found that I enjoy the flavor of golden beets mixed with other root veggies.  I had planted some earlier and we have harvested them, but we’ll try another round.

Finally, at least for this surge of fall planting, we are going to make another attempt at cauliflower.  We had some that were starting to grow until we were beset upon by bugs.  GardenSince we have pulled out the other broccoli and allowed for some time to pass I am hoping these will be safer.

Future Planting Plans

I know that there is some more that would be good to try out this fall.  I have some leeks that I think I can get into the ground and harvest before the frosts.  I would also be interested in trying out some turnips.  And of course, don’t forget the garlic.  The only thing is that I need to better plan where my garlic will go so it won’t be in the way of plants come next spring.

So how about the rest of you?  Is anyone planting anything interesting in their garden this fall?