Crowfoot FarmsThe first stop on our farm tour is the Crowfoot Farm.  This was the most homestead of any of the stops we made in our travels.  They run a micro dairy and a homestead based on permaculture.  The key to their healthy farm ecosystem is a species diversity.

And I can tell you that I saw quite a diversity while I was there.  As soon as you came up you saw their turkey flock.  Then you noticed there were a few other turkeys as well as a couple chickens and at least 1 peacock wandering the grounds.  We were informed that there were 2 calves  in the barn, with one being born the night prior.  They had a horse and a burro in the back.  I had also spotted a couple hives (bee-ing a bee type myself I feel that every homestead needs to have at least a few hives. )  There were also a few hutches for some rabbits.

Crowfoot FarmsAs part of their homestead they had a small farm store set up in their barn.  They had some fresh baked snacks, eggs, honey and some pastured meats and poultry available.  Also available were some fantastic smelling hand crafted soaps.  I know they had a some information out about their soaps and highlighting that the soap making enterprise was driven by a desire to not waste anything, however I seem to have lost my notes on it.

Crowfoot FarmAdditionally they have a herd share program set up for raw milk.  It seems that here in Virginia it is not legal to sell raw milk on its own.  However if you buy into a herd share program then you can get your share of whatever products come from the cow, which can include milk.  This was good to hear, since I have been considering cheese making.  But more on that later.

Overall I felt this was a great stop to begin our journey on.  While I understand how important it can be to have some of the producers working on large plots (we stopped by a few that have several hundred acres), it was extremely inspiring to see how much could be done on a homestead plot that is more realistically sized for a family to manage.   All in all, if you are in the area I would highly recommend stopping by the Crowfoot Farm when their farm store is open.