Welcome back to our local farm tour series.  In case this is your jumping in point recently we got the chance to visit a few local working farms and homesteads.  I made sure to take some notes and pictures to be able to share them with you.  Today’s featured stop, Wits End Farm.

Wits End FarmThis farm focuses on beautiful heritage sheep.  It uses them for both a source of meat and fiber.  When we arrived there were a couple sheep penned in to meet you, but most of the flock seems to have been a bit further away.  As a point when we arrived I realized that I had been to this farm before.  In the spring they had a sheep shearing demonstration, so we had stopped by to watch that.  For both that occasion and this the farm has their own food stand set up, you should definitely try their lamb sausage if they have them available when you stop here.

Wits End FarmAs I mentioned they also use the wool as a source of fiber.  There was a display of some of the fiber products that they had available.  They cover the whole range of products, from a limited number fleeces at shearing time through roving and yarn.  This gives you a great opportunity to start your project at the point that you are interested.  The wool is from their Border Leicester and Bluefaced Leicester sheep.  All the sheep for fiber production are white, so the owner dyes or hand pants any of the yarns that you’ll see available in different colors.

Wits End FarmAdditionally this year they were starting a Cider and Mead enterprise.  Due to all the legal issues with being licensed and such they were not able to sell any of their product, but they were giving away samples and asking for feedback.  I look forward to next spring, when they are shooting to have Hinson Ford Cider and Mead up and running.  They did have a demonstration on making apple cider starting with tossing apples in the grinder.  For this they had a beautiful cider press.  One of my projects at some point will be making my own cider press.

Being as how they seem to be very active on their 22 acres, I have little doubt that I will end up stopping by at one of their other events.  And I would urge you to come out and see them if  you get the chance.