I have to say that so far I have failed at growing onions.  Year one I tried growing onions from seeds.  That just didn’t work out so well, I don’t know that I even got any to germinate.  Year two I decided I would take my luck with the little seed onions.  I planted them in the spring and some stalks shot up, but something happened.  They all seemed to suddenly die.  But now it is time for another crack at this one.

OnionsLast year, even with replanting some of them multiple times, I had pretty good luck with my garlic.  It went into the ground last October and I came up with numerous garlic bulbs come the summer time.  Seeing as both garlic and onions are related this fall I am going to take a similar approach to onions.

I picked up some yellow and white seed onions to plant in the garden.  I also got a package of shallots, because why not try those as well.  As we have gotten ourselves into Fall I went ahead and got these into some of my raised beds that had been emptied out of other crops to let them go.  Hopefully, they will get a bit of growth in before we get a hard frost and come the spring/summer we’ll have some onions.

GarlicThere were also some garlic cloves going into a few beds this year.  I learned my lesson from last year.  I had them all over the garden and when spring came not only did I have to add in some new beds and rearrange things but I had to move garlic to be able to plant other crops.

I am trying a few different things with my garlic crop this year.  First I have selected up some of the garlic that I harvested and put it aside to grow the next round.  I also realized that I had some cloves that were left over from last year’s planting.  Some seemed kind of dried out, but I put a few in to see what would happen with them.  Also, this year we are trying out Transylvanian garlic.  We hadn’t planted any last year, so I want to see how it does.

That’s the plan so far.  Hopefully, they make it over winter and we have a good harvest as the weather warms up next year.