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Happy Autumnal Equinox! That is if you are in the Northern Hemisphere

Today is the September Equinox.  So here in the northern hemisphere that means the autumnal equinox, where as south of the equator it would be the vernal equinox.  So Happy Spring to all of you south of the equator.  But for the rest of this I will focus more on the autumnal equinox.  Because I enjoy fall, cool weather, apples, and the like. But first, let’s have a PSA.

Public Safety Announcement

Many fire safety type organizations will tell you that you need to change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year.  Some will tell you to change them when you change your clocks for daylight savings time.  I for one prefer to swap them out on the equinoxes.  So yes, this morning I swapped out some batteries for smoke detectors, if you don’t want to swap them out today, just remember to change them at some point.  It is after all National Preparedness Month.

Equinox Facts

Just a few facts to give you a little more information about Autumn.

Equal Night

rocky-mountain-fallWhile the word equinox comes from Latin to mean equal night, most of the planet will not have equal day and night on the equinox.  If you live about on the equator, yes you probably will have equal day and night.  The rest of us will have a day of just about equal day and night sometime around the equinox, even if it doesn’t happen on that particular day.

Welcome Fall

Ok, I said I was focusing the northern hemisphere, but today marks the beginning of fall and the end of summer.  The days will grow shorter and become cooler.  This will continue on until 21 December and the winter solstice.  Now to make things more confusing meteorologically, autumn began on 1 September.  They are kinda confusing aren’t they.

Harvest Time

more-fall-treesIt also means that it is harvest time.  There will be plenty of harvest festivals happening all over.  It also means that it will be time to harvest apples too (remember, you need about 40 apples to make a gallon of cider).  But if you are hoping to have a good time under the harvest moon you are a touch late. The harvest moon is the full moon closest to the equinox.  The next full moon is known as the hunter’s moon, then the beaver moon, and the cold moon to round out the year.

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  1. I just love fall!! Sweaters, campfires, toasted marshmallows!!! Yummm

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