For the modern homesteader the internet is a great source of information for both those starting out as well as old hands who want to brush up on their knowledge.  I enjoy podcasts for a number of reasons.  For starters you listen instead of reading, I don’t have anything against reading but at times it’s nice to have information presented in a different format. At times I’ll pick up something that I may have read over and over but when I hear it, it will just click.  Also it means that I can be taking in podcasts while I’m doing other things, such as driving, mowing the lawn or planting in the garden.


The podcasts on this list are presented in no particular order.  Also I’ve limited it to just the homesteading type podcasts that I listen to.  This is not in any way meant to be a complete list of every homesteading podcast that is available.

  • Homesteady Homesteady is a podcast that’s done more in the style of “This American Life” where Aust, that host, presents a story. This one is a great inspiration podcast and as an added bonus they discuss if their subject makes sense to continue financially. This one is definitely a spring board/inspiration podcast.  Their episode on ducks launched me into researching getting my own ducks.


  • Homegrown Liberty Podcast Nick from this one is a smart dude on soil. His podcast is a mix of conversations with other knowledgeable people or consulting calls with clients.  He also gives updates on what he is doing on his homestead.  He is a great source of information and I have been working to add a number of the things that he has talked about into what I’m doing in my own set up.


  • Living Homegrown  Theresa on this one provides information to “live farm fresh without the farm”. So this one can even provide useful information for those urban homesteaders who don’t have the ability to spread out on their land.  Most episode have a bonus free download, normally a pdf file that provides further information on the topic she is discussing that episode.


  • The Beekeeper’s Corner  Kevin over at the Beekeeper’s Corner has been keeping bees for a number of years and is active in his local organizations. He shares a good deal of info on each episode and often his own commentary on developments, news and other things as he learns them.  He also has been trying out a number of different hive types so he can provide info on more than just the langstroth hive.


  • Modern Homesteading Podcast  This podcast has a wide range of homesteading topics, normally covering them in about 30 minute chunks. It gives you some of the information so you can start deciding if this is something that you might be interested in trying.


  • Pioneering Today Podcast Melissa again covers a number of homesteading (or perhaps pioneering) skills.  A number of her episodes draw back to skills from the great depression or previous pioneers and discusses how you can take those lessons and apply them to our modern set ups.


Now I have to say that I’ve just started listening to the Beginning Farmer podcast as well.  But since I’ve only gotten through one or two episodes I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it or not.  It’s not that it isn’t a great show, I’m just not sure that it speaks to me at this point.

So there are the homesteading podcasts that I listen to.  So how about the rest of you, did I miss your favorite?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll give it a listen.  I’m always open to trying out a new podcast.