Well now, it seems that it has been a while since the garden was planted.  And things are growing!  It is exciting to see things sprout up, but then also a bit annoying when others don’t seem to be springing up just yet.  Now as a point of note, I have some interesting soil in various beds.  Some of last years have a mixture of nice soil and peat most and all of last years mulch and the like.

GardenOthers from this year have a mixture of some… well, dirt, I think it came from an excavation site, not really top soil, but stuff seems to grow ok in it.  Some beds have a mixture of some purchased compost.  (I need to go through and sift my compost so that I can add it to things.  Most of the beds have various amounts of duck leavings mixed in and some have some rabbit pellets as well.

On the soil note, I need to see about mulching the tops of the beds, but that might be a job that gets done this week.

As far as things that are growing, I still have some garlics growing.  Some look like they are ready to make flowers, others have leaves that are yellowing, so I think that it is going to be time to harvest some garlic.  Moving to the next bed we have the disappointing onions.  Last year I tried from seeds, this year I had seed onions, not a lot of them have come up yet.  I must do research…

GardenHowever my bed of potatoes is going great, they sprung up and seem to be quite happy about life.  I’ll have to see if when harvest time comes there are actually any potatoes to be had, but right now is looking like this might be quite the potato filled winter.  The next bed has peppers and broccoli.  I started off with some plants since I had started pepper plants from seeds.  They sprung up and then very quickly died on me.  I have a few broccoli plants that I started with, but it looks like some of the ones are coming up from seed as well.

Then we move into the cucumbers and squash.  There are three different types of squash, oh, and zucchini too.  They are coming up and seem to be doing well.  Hopefully, they will produce a fair amount over the course of the year.  It seems that zucchini always does well, but then again, I always have something that I can do with zucchini.

GardenPast that are the tomatoes and the beans.  I’ve had to add in some tomato cages for both the tomatoes and the pepper plants.  I’m sure that soon I’ll be considering some various trellis options for the other plants as well.

On the other side some it looks like all the corn is coming up, which is a plus.  The peanuts don’t seem to be doing anything as of yet, but they were an experiment for the year.  I had a plot that was going to be eggplant, but a random potato plant seems to have popped up.  Then a few sweet potato plants were added into, for good measure, so there is no real telling just what will grow out of that plot.

Potato PlantsI planted some leeks and they seem to be doing alright, but in the next bed, the cauliflower seems to be doing nothing.  Then despite thinking I had pulled out all the swiss chard, it would seem that some keep popping up.  My mint patches are going quite well and the asparagus is holding its own as well.

I have some catnip that it starting to pop up and the chamomile seed just recently went in.  I’ve seen some leaves come up in the beet patch, so there might be some golden beets to have with the potatoes in the fall.

Oh yes, and I added in one more bed to grow some hops in.  I will need to put up some poles and some lines for the bines to grow up, but I have a touch of time before we get to that.


Then, of course, there is the berry paddock.  We have 3 beds that each has 10 strawberry plants in them at various stages of existence.  Some overwintered and should be doing well, some are new roots that were just planted.  One bed has 3 blueberry bushes in it, so hopefully, there will be blueberries eventually.  There is also a lingonberry and a cranberry bush.  I’ve got a couple lifted beds that are going some of the salad greens and I’ll eventually add some more that will have more salad greens and then some kitchen herbs as well.


I think that just about does it for the time being.  How are your gardens doing?  Growing anything super cool or different?