As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve harvested the corn.  It was a good turn out for the first time that I was able to produce corn, but it left empty spots in the garden.  Clearly something had to be done about that.  It looks like my first real frost isn’t until about mid-November.  I’ve got a couple months, so it’s time to plant something else.  But the question becomes…what to plant?


Choices and choices for what to grow

Swiss Chard

Fall PlantingI saw this recently in an issue of Mother Earth News.  I can be honest and tell you that at first I was intrigued by the bright colors of the stalks.  This veggie comes from the Mediterranean area, not Switzerland.  But being related to spinach and kale it is packed with nutrients!  I’m thinking most of what we will be using them for will be in salads, but I’ll see what we get and if get enough this go around we’ll see about finding some other recipes.


Another veggie packed with nutrients.  And again most likely if I get some of these to behave nicely they will mostly go in the salad bowl.  I didn’t really work much on salad greens through the summer, so I am rather excited for the thought of having some fresh salads.


Fall PlantingAnd since I’m growing swiss chard and spinach what else would go well in those salads?  Of course kale!  These three are suppose to be some of the most nutritional veggies that are out there.  I couldn’t tell you more than it’s what I’ve seen reported elsewhere.  But seeing as how there have been some rather impressive groups that have been saying it, I’m thinking that they might be worth believing.


Well since the swiss chard is in the beet family, one might as well see about growing some beets as well.  No, I don’t think they are going to be going into the salad bowl.  Last year I had made a root vegetable medley.  It was parsnips and carrots and beets and I think there was something else.  They were all roasted together in an oven safe dish.  It was rather delicious.


Well that’s enough beets, let’s move into the brassica family shall we?  I don’t really have much of a plan for turnips at this point.  I mentioned thinking about what to plant for the fall and my wife mentioned that she would be interested in turnips.  Now there are turnips planted in the garden.  They probably would go well with those other root veggies.


Fall PlantingAnother brassica!  Some people don’t like cauliflower, but I’ve enjoyed it.  Cheese sauce is great with it, I enjoy when it is roasted too.  Also if you put it through a ricer you can have it mixed into a great number of things.  It is an easy way to add an extra vegetable serving into your diet.


Still in the brassica family, and this one is for the Bug.  She loves broccoli,  we tend to drizzle a bit of roasted sesame seed oil over it and roast it in the oven at about 400 for 20-40 minutes, depending on how roasted you like yours.  She now gets very excited when we are in the store and is allowed to pick out broccoli.


Fall PlantingLoosely related to the brassicas above, this is most likely going to be primarily for the salads, but it sounds like my father in law may have a few other recipes. Also in doing some research I need to plant some more of these next year, as they have been known to keep some pests, such as aphids, tomato hornworms and squash bugs at bay.


We tried onions earlier when we first planted, but things didn’t work out so well.  I’m gonna keep at it.  Onions are a very useful item to have in the kitchen while cooking, so I’d love to have a good supply of my own.  Hopefully this round will work out better than the last one.

So there is my list of what I’ve planted for this fall.  I’ll keep you all informed as to how things work.  At some point soon I’ll be planting some garlic and some cover crops as well.  But for now, it’s time to off to spend some more time with the family.