Last year was our first year with really having a garden and as such there was a lot of figuring things out and trying to determine the best way to do things.  That hasn’t really changed dramatically, as we are still learning different approaches.  One should keep learning through out one’s life.  However, I am happy to say that I have remembered an improvement that we’ve implemented.  Last year we grew stuff and didn’t really have a good tally at the end of the year.

GarlicsWe had an idea that we did alright, but this year I was determined to have some better numbers.  I came up with a basic system where I have a chart to note down what we harvested.  I have three separate sheets of paper, actually.  In one I note down things that I bring in from the garden.  On another, I have a daily tally of the eggs laid by my ducks and on the third, I have the tally of chicken eggs each day.

It isn’t a perfect system, sometimes I bring in something and forget to write it down or I’ll forget to count exactly how many I brought in.  However, I can say that it is a massive improvement over having nothing.  Now at the end of the month, I can total up how much I harvested.

I can foresee this being a really big help next year as I plan for the garden.  I can look back to see how much I had planted and can check how much it brought in. This will help adjust planting levels and the like.  Perhaps a goal for next year is to be a little more precise (this year I have just noted down tomato instead of what type).

For today though, let’s take a look at the total harvest from this July.

Hootenanny Homestead Harvest

More DucksFirst up is duck eggs.  The girls had started laying in June, but it wasn’t until the end so we ended up with 59 eggs for June.  In July we ended up averaging about 10 eggs a day.  The beginning of the month we were on the lower end.  A few of the other ducks seemed to have started since by the last week we were at nearly a dozen eggs a day.  The total for July comes to 315 duck eggs.

The chickens have only started laying in August, so their July total is nothing.


GardenBut what of the garden?

1 large colander of beans

1 cucumber

3 acorn squash

5 patty pan squash

6 zucchini

8 peppers

11 garlic bulbs

13 yellow summer squash

188 tomatoes


There was probably more, but this is what I have noted down.


The last question is how has everyone else’s garden been doing?  How do you track the harvest?