First, there were bees and bees were simple.  But then we moved into trying out other livestocks (poultry this year).  I had a plan of getting 12 ducks.  I thought that would give me plenty to deal with and then I would be able to see about growing the operation in future years.  Well, that isn’t exactly as things went.  First, we added on some chickens and a couple more ducks.  Then, the other day my wife returned home from work with some additions.

Ducks and ChickensThe other day the chickens moved out.  I am going to put some of them into a chicken tractor, but that means that I have to build it.  For the time being, they are enjoying running about the duck yard.  So far they think that it is an improvement.  Of course, at first, they didn’t.  The first two days they were outside it rained and they didn’t want to come out of the coop.

Seems that someone at her work had ended up getting some ducklings because ducklings are cute.  However, they quickly came to the conclusion that they were too much work.  So we now have 3 little ducklings.  The thing is they are different ages (just a few weeks apart) and we don’t know what kind of duck they are.  One of them looks to be a Rouen duck.  The other two might be more Ducks and ChickensKhaki Campbells.  However, they could be just about anything.  It is our little mystery that we’ll find the answer to while they grow up.

But least you feel the bees aren’t getting the love that they need, this week we will up our numbers.  I should be picking up a couple packages.  One is going to replace those that were lost at my mom’s over the winter.  The second will be hive number two out here.  But that isn’t the end of it.  I’ve picked up a Nuc box and am working on building a Nuc out of the hive that made it through the winter.  We were talking about the process in my last bee club meeting and I figured, Heck I can do that.  So here we are.

One of my goals for next year is not only to continue expanding out the honey bees but to add some native bees.  I’ve been looking at Crown Bees and they have some good looking setups that I think I would like to add.  More bees while having a garden and starting to build out an orchard isn’t a bad thing in my book.


The question is what livestock are you raising this year?  Or perhaps you’d just like to put forth a guess as to what kind of duck I have.  Let me know in the comments below.