One thing that I’ve noticed while looking back over my first year of taking a stab at homesteading is that I need to see about taking more notes.  When doing my wrap up for 2016 I realized that in the day to day of tackling I was doing alright, but after a few weeks it starts to become fuzzy as to just when things happened and exactly how long ago they happened.

To that end, I have been looking at some options.  For starters, I picked up a planner calendar so that I keep a hold of dates, particularly when planting.  I have been planning doing some successive planting.  Last year since we had a late start we ended up planting most things in blocks when we got some seeds.  I have been looking through and making a garden plan.  I have the bonus this year of having more time to plan out what is going to be planted where and when I should plant it.  If all goes well a number of things will get planted about ever 2 weeks to extend out the harvest.  I can see how having better notes will be of great assistance.

Also as I am looking at some more animals.  I’ll write more about them soon, but I can see how getting notes on when things come in and when any changes are made.

But in addition to just dates, I also need to take better notes of what I do on each day.  I am looking at finding a journal to keep better notes on my homesteading activities.  Not only will this mean a better handle on what I’m up to, but also it should mean being able to do better write ups since I will be able to write from notes and not just my memory.

I would definitely recommend to anyone doing any level of homesteading, take the best notes that you possibly can.