So last Thursday I got some ducks, as you may have noticed from last week’s post.  Or if you have seen the Instagram feed it is bordering on all ducks all the time.  I promise you there will be other things on the ducks on there, but you have to admit ducklings are quite cute.  I must say, though, I am rather shocked at how fast they’ve grown.  With my understanding that they were shipped out within a day or so of their hatching and thinking that they would be shipped overnight or one day I would have to believe that these ducks were born around the 16th or 17th.

DucklingsTo start off with a bit of a comparison let’s take a look at them when they first arrived.  This would be my twelve little Khaki Campbells.  They were all peeping and seemed to want to be out and wandering around.  Everyone wanted to stare through the little holes in the box as I walked it into the house and proceeded to take it down to the brooder area.




Next up we’ll take a look at the size of the ducks the say that they showed up to the Hootenanny Homestead.  They seem so very small.  Now, I’ve been told that I don’t have the smallest of hands.  For a comparison, I tend to wear extra large work gloves.  So very small and yet so fluffy and cute as well.  Everyone that I’ve shown has had the same remark of them, they are just so cute.



DucklingsSo the very next day I took another picture of a duck.  Looking back it does seem that they got a bit larger just in that short amount of time.  It has been quite fascinating to see how they grow and how they are doing.  I have found that I enjoy watching them just walk around in their brooder and kinda can’t wait till they are big enough to get out and wander in their pen.






And now we come to today.  They have gotten even larger.  I suppose that they are eating enough.  At this point, it seems that I just leave the food out and they will eat what they need as they need it.  I don’t know what else to say, but I walked in and saw them and realized that they look bigger.







After having ducks for a few days I can see why people say that they are a mess.  They are definitely something you have to keep up with, but I would not go so far as to say they are a mess.

These ducklings are rather flock minded and tend to be a little bit nervous.  They are starting to associate me coming in with them getting fresh water, but still, when I first walk in they start peeping and crowd all together to the other side of the brooder.  If I just wait a moment or so they decide all is good and continue with their duck style shenanigans.  They are pretty fun to watch.

Duck Growth 1