As we move through the fall into the winter we’ve closed up the garden (well…there are a few turnips that need to be pulled).  The birds have slowed down production and the bees seem to have hunkered down.  But something else has happened to remind us all that we are approaching winter.  We got our first snow of the season.

Ducks in the SnowIt wasn’t really much snow, just a dusting really.  But it is always good to see a bit of white on the ground.  I’ve been trying to make sure that the birds have liquid water, which seems to be a bit trickier when your high temperature is below freezing.  But we’ve been doing alright so far.

Chickens in the SnowThe ducks don’t seem to mind the cold and the snow.  They have been sitting in the coop more during the day, but that makes sense as it does block the wind for them.  The chickens seem a little bit less accepting of the snow on the ground.

We’ve been staying busy getting ready for Christmas and hope that all is going smoothly for you in your preparations as well.