It is spring and the weather has started to turn nicer.  Many people will speak of spring cleaning, partly to clear out the old and I’m sure partly because it is once again nice enough to open the windows and air things out plus hanging things on the clothes line.  It is always amazing how much better things can smell after they’ve had some time to dry out in the fresh air and sun.  Plus the home always smells so good after getting some fresh air.

Spring CleaningBut then we have to look at things for cleaning the inside of the home.  Not everything that can be carried out and put in the sun.  First, there are some important distinctions that need to be made.  Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, gunk, crud and germs.  While cleaning won’t solve all your problems it is the first step.  If you are a brewer you have no doubt heard that you can’t sanitize what isn’t clean.  That works for anything else that might be dirty.  Whatever your sanitizer you use won’t magically make the dirt go away.  After you clean you will want to disinfect.  This is the process of killing the germs, bacteria, mold, viruses and what have you.  This can be done to a number of different levels, just disinfecting get some of the stuff.  If you take it to sanitizing you are killing 99.99% of the microorganisms.

Spring CleaningSince there are microorganisms everywhere you will not get all of them.  Even if you remove all of them from a given surface after a little bit of time a new round of them will come in and set up shop.  You’ll want to be strategic about how you attack.  Now that it is the spring it is a good time to do a clean out, some people will change their clothes from cold to warm weather, other will just go through and get their home nice and clean as we start moving out of “cold and flu” season.

As we move through the week we’ll take a look at some different cleaning options and the like.  If you have some ideas or thoughts, let me know in the comments below and we’ll see if we can tackle them.