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Well Now, Just What the Dickens is Apple Week

Apple week is something that I am trying out.  It is merely a week that I will be focusing all my posts on apple based information.  This year it looks like there will be mostly some recipes, but also some other apple based knowledge to be shared.  It just works out that it is fall and I’ve been out to my favorite orchard a number of times recently.
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A Bee Hive Update: Prepping for Winter

Now that we have moved into fall it is time to think about the winter.  Yes, it might still be a few months away, but if you don’t prep now your colony will die.  The thing is that for the most part you won’t be bothering your bees during the winter, they are somewhat on their own.  But overwintering bees can be one of the biggest challenges that a beekeeper will face.  And now is a critical time to make sure they are ready (aren’t they all critical times?)
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Happy Autumnal Equinox! That is if you are in the Northern Hemisphere

Today is the September Equinox.  So here in the northern hemisphere that means the autumnal equinox, where as south of the equator it would be the vernal equinox.  So Happy Spring to all of you south of the equator.  But for the rest of this I will focus more on the autumnal equinox.  Because I enjoy fall, cool weather, apples, and the like. But first, let’s have a PSA.

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