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Sometimes you Just have to Bee Funny

Well, the good news is that I have been able to order some more bees.  I have the hive at my mom’s all blocked off so that it doesn’t get robbed.  Since in my research, it seems that it was just a winter kill I will be putting the new package of bees onto the provisions that are in there.  The other set of bees have had some warm days and so I’ve already given them some syrup.  There is more to do, though, hopefully, those girls will pull through what should be our last blast of cold.  I also have to paint the new hive and get it set up and ready for when this new package arrives.
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But Where Did the Bees Go?

As you have seen I’ve been keeping bees this year.  I had been making sure that they would have enough stores and such to live through the winter.  As we’ve had a few warm days I went out to check the hives and was meant with some sadness.
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Time to Prepare for Spring Bees

If you have been considering getting bees, now is a good time to do some prep work.  I’ve written in the past about reasons to keep bees.  As a short recap, honey bees make honey and pollinate crops.  Is it the easiest thing to do, no, it does take work.  It isn’t exactly hard or challenging.  You will need to lift some boxes, some that are full of honey can be rather heavy, but there are ways to work with smaller boxes that will be less weight per box.
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A Bee Hive Update: Prepping for Winter

Now that we have moved into fall it is time to think about the winter.  Yes, it might still be a few months away, but if you don’t prep now your colony will die.  The thing is that for the most part you won’t be bothering your bees during the winter, they are somewhat on their own.  But overwintering bees can be one of the biggest challenges that a beekeeper will face.  And now is a critical time to make sure they are ready (aren’t they all critical times?)
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The Origin Story of My Bee Hives

It might seem a bit odd.  Going from a normal everyday guy, someone that enjoyed all sorts of high tech toys and the like to a beekeeper.  And I hadn’t really gotten into this homesteading thing yet.  I had no big garden.  There was no passionate dream of with my hives I’ll save the world from the decline of the honey bee.  So then, how did I get here?  And just what did I get myself into.  Let me walk you through.
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