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Bread, Bread, Must Have Bread

When I was young I would occasionally make bread with my family.  Very often this came during the winter and one of the loaves we would make was a honey wheat loaf.  Let me re-phrase that, one recipe we would make was a honey wheat one.  We normally had to make about 4 loaves of that at a time so that some of it might make it to the next day.  Between my little brother and I, we could put some bread away.  There is something magic about a loaf of bread right from the oven.  All hot and steaming and full of yeasty goodness.  Especially when you can cut it and butter it and it is still so warm the butter melts right away.
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Using Leftover Spent Grain: Dog Biscuits and Bread

The other day I brewed up a batch of beer.  Homebrew allows you to use either extract or grains and by using grains you have a lot more control over your finished project.  It also means that you have what is called spent grains at the end of the process.  The brewing process converts most of the starch to sugar and then extracts most of that sugar out.   When it first comes out of the mash it will be somewhere between 150 and 170 degrees.  Now some brewers might wonder just what is to be done with this.  It is a left over product and some may just toss it out after it has cooled.  But being in the homesteading mindset one can easily come up with a number of things to do with this spent grain.
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