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Making Salsa

So I would say that the tomato harvest hasn’t been too shabby this year.  Even now into October, we are still getting some that are turning red and ready to be picked.  Sure, we’ve had some split open on the vine or have bugs get to a few.  Last year these would have gone into the compost pile and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is soo much more rewarding to toss them to the chickens and ducks.  It is a lot of fun to see the flock run after them and how everyone tries to get a piece of the treat.
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Canning Day

An important skill for any homesteader is to be able to preserve the harvest.  I’ve written some about canning in the past, but once again, if you are going to do some canning you’ll want to do it safely.  I would recommend taking a look at the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving .  It has a ton of information on the best way to safely can a large number of different items that you might have grown.
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Wait, What’s This? A Man Can Can Too?

Canning is a wonderful skill that everyone who is going to be a homesteader should know.  Now a lot of times when people talk about canning, it will be a lady who is highly knowledgeable and a chunk of the time they talk about they learned from their mother who learned from her mother so on and so forth back to the invention of canning.  Now I have a lot of respect for that and think it is awesome.  However, I am not female.  And here’s the thing.  It doesn’t matter.  Canning is a homesteading skill, anyone who is homesteading should learn homesteading skills.
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