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Garlic and Onions!

I have to say that so far I have failed at growing onions.  Year one I tried growing onions from seeds.  That just didn’t work out so well, I don’t know that I even got any to germinate.  Year two I decided I would take my luck with the little seed onions.  I planted them in the spring and some stalks shot up, but something happened.  They all seemed to suddenly die.  But now it is time for another crack at this one.
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Fall Gardening

There is no reason that when the plants you put in the garden in the spring start to give up you have to be done.  If you start planting as we get to August you will have another bounty in the fall.  I’ve found some space in my garden, some for happy reasons, some not so happy.  But it was time to plant the next round.
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What I’m Growing This Fall

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve harvested the corn.  It was a good turn out for the first time that I was able to produce corn, but it left empty spots in the garden.  Clearly something had to be done about that.  It looks like my first real frost isn’t until about mid-November.  I’ve got a couple months, so it’s time to plant something else.  But the question becomes…what to plant?
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