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Building a Duck House

As you have no doubt seen if you have been following the instaham feed, it was time to construct an outside kind of home for the ducks.  I’ve seen various sources that they’ve moved their ducks out after two weeks with a heat lamp and others stated that 4 weeks was enough and some said 6 weeks was good.  Since I started in January I wanted to make sure it was warm enough for them and they wouldn’t get too cold.  Seems that 8 weeks was the right amount of time, partly because I was running out of space for them in the brooder area.
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Farm Tour Series: Free State Llamas

So for our final stop on our Farm Tour Series we visitedFree State Llamas.  Now we may have visited primarily due to the fact that my little Bug loves llamas and alpacas, but it doesn’t hurt that Stella is an avid knitter as well.  Plus, just look at these critters, they look pretty darn cool.  As a note, Free State Llamas only has llamas, no alpacas.

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Farm Tour Series: Bean Hollow Grassfed

Bean Hollow GrassfedOur grand farm tour series continues!  This time it takes us to Bean Hollow Grassfed at Over Jordan Farm.  As you may guess from the name, this farm is more focused on grass fed livestock.  But don’t think for a moment that they are just about fattening up animals to get them to market.  They are highly focused on making sure that they take care of the land as well.
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Farm Tour Series: Wits End Farm

Welcome back to our local farm tour series.  In case this is your jumping in point recently we got the chance to visit a few local working farms and homesteads.  I made sure to take some notes and pictures to be able to share them with you.  Today’s featured stop, Wits End Farm.
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Farm Tour Series: The Crowfoot Farm

Crowfoot FarmsThe first stop on our farm tour is the Crowfoot Farm.  This was the most homestead of any of the stops we made in our travels.  They run a micro dairy and a homestead based on permaculture.  The key to their healthy farm ecosystem is a species diversity.
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Farm Tour Series: An Introduction, Perhaps Some Inspiration

I don’t know if these just happen where I live or if they are wide spread across the country.  But around here various counties set up farm tour weekends.   They convince working farms, homesteads, orchards, stores specializing in local wares to set up open houses on their given weekend and invite the public to come out and see what they do.  The upside is that it can get your name out there if you have a product that you are trying to sell or bring to customers.
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