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First Harvest of the Year: Radishes

I can happily say that I have had my first harvest of things that I planted this season!  Well, kinda the first.  I had gotten some lettuce and kale plants that I’ve pulled off some leaves to add to salads.  But I have some radishes that are ready to be picked.  Mostly I planted them as a companion plant since at some point I remember reading something about the radishes helping to keep away some sort of bug from tomatoes.  However, now I can’t find a darn thing on it, so it might just be that there is nothing to it and I just sprinkled radishes around for having radishes.
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A Hootenanny Homestead Garden Update

Well now, it seems that it has been a while since the garden was planted.  And things are growing!  It is exciting to see things sprout up, but then also a bit annoying when others don’t seem to be springing up just yet.  Now as a point of note, I have some interesting soil in various beds.  Some of last years have a mixture of nice soil and peat most and all of last years mulch and the like. Continue reading

A Homestead Update: The Garden is Planted

We seem to be truly out of winter now.  Well, to start out we didn’t really have much of a winter this year, to begin with.   It seems that we just had a cool period around these parts.  I think we had one or two legitimately cold snaps, but not so much with true winter.  In fact, I just had to pull the kale that I planted in October out to make room to plant other seeds.   We have moved past our average last frost and we have even hit the folk wisdom of “Don’t plant until after Good Friday”.
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Seems That Ducks can Grow Rather Quickly

So last Thursday I got some ducks, as you may have noticed from last week’s post.  Or if you have seen the Instagram feed it is bordering on all ducks all the time.  I promise you there will be other things on the ducks on there, but you have to admit ducklings are quite cute.  I must say, though, I am rather shocked at how fast they’ve grown.  With my understanding that they were shipped out within a day or so of their hatching and thinking that they would be shipped overnight or one day I would have to believe that these ducks were born around the 16th or 17th.
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