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Pollinator Week: Pictures

Well, at times things can get pretty busy around places.  As such, I didn’t quite do as much as I had at first planned to for pollinator week.  But still, I have some happy news.  The other day out at a patch of creeping thyme I took some photos of some bees.  I had known that I had honey bees and that there were carpenter bees about as well.  We had spotted some bumble bees too, but my wife noted that it seems in addition to the common bumble bee we have a few yellow bumble bees that are hanging out around here too.   So I have a few pictures to share with you all.
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Mason Bees: Solitary Native Bees for the Homestead

A few days back I got a guest post put up on another great homesteading website, Small Town Homestead.  The owner does the Modern Homesteading Podcast that I had mentioned back in my podcast post.   I wrote a bit on mason bees and thought I would share a bit more information here.  Now I don’t think that I will be giving up on honeybees and I would still recommend that if you have the space and the inclination it is worth trying your hand at keeping bees.  So let’s compare honeybees with their native counterparts…the mason bee.
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