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Baking and Barbecue: What a Valentines

Sometimes on Valentines Day you just have to make some pulled pork.  Sure this can be a fairly long process, but it can be very rewarding.  Now I’m not the world’s leading expert in live fire cooking, but I tend to not get any complaints when I smoke up a batch.   Some of this may be that no one is going to turn down even half decent barbeque when someone else is making it and giving it to them to eat.
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Winter time (One of the Four Best Seasons for Smoking Meat)

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy their Christmas day (and the continuing season of Christmas).  While Christmas is truly more than about presents, those presents can be pretty cool to discuss and enjoy.  I hope that you have all been able to enjoy time with your families to celebrate whatever customs that make the season special for you. Continue reading

Corn Harvesting: Hey, I actually grew corn that I could eat

We have been growing corn among other things in our garden.  For Labor Day we had picked some and grilled it up for dinner.  It was quite tasty, just in general I would recommend doing corn on the cob on the grill.  My mother in law decided that it was now time to harvest all the corn.  So this weekend I pulled corn.
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