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A Homestead Update: The Garden is Planted

We seem to be truly out of winter now.  Well, to start out we didn’t really have much of a winter this year, to begin with.   It seems that we just had a cool period around these parts.  I think we had one or two legitimately cold snaps, but not so much with true winter.  In fact, I just had to pull the kale that I planted in October out to make room to plant other seeds.   We have moved past our average last frost and we have even hit the folk wisdom of “Don’t plant until after Good Friday”.
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Making Mint Tea: More Uses for your Garden Mint

A few days ago I posted about making some mint extract and spent some words on how great mint is to grow and how easy it can be.  The problem you may find yourself is what do you do with all of it.  No matter how much baking you do I doubt that you can use it all in making mint extracts.  Even if you are making mint extract as gifts for your friends you might need another use for the mint, it can grow that quick.  My extract is still chugging along nicely, since it needs to steep for a month or more, it won’t be ready for a while still. Continue reading

Making Mint Extract at Home

As we move into the holiday season there will be great globs of baking.  (Oh soo much baking).  And without a doubt through all of this baking I will be reaching for some bottles of extract, as I’m sure a number of others will be.  However being a homesteader and having heard Alton Brown (if you haven’t heard of him please correct that) mention a few times on Good Eats that you should never make what you can buy, I had the thought of can’t I just make some of this at home?  Perhaps one can.
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