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July Totals – Just How Much Did We Grow

Last year was our first year with really having a garden and as such there was a lot of figuring things out and trying to determine the best way to do things.  That hasn’t really changed dramatically, as we are still learning different approaches.  One should keep learning through out one’s life.  However, I am happy to say that I have remembered an improvement that we’ve implemented.  Last year we grew stuff and didn’t really have a good tally at the end of the year.
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A Major Goal for 2017: Better Notes

One thing that I’ve noticed while looking back over my first year of taking a stab at homesteading is that I need to see about taking more notes.  When doing my wrap up for 2016 I realized that in the day to day of tackling I was doing alright, but after a few weeks it starts to become fuzzy as to just when things happened and exactly how long ago they happened. Continue reading