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Just What Has Been Going On Around Here

In an effort to catch up with what has been going on, allow me to share with you all some pictures of some of the activities that have been happening around our homestead.  Hope you enjoy and let me know which are your favorites.
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Sometimes you Just have to Bee Funny

Well, the good news is that I have been able to order some more bees.  I have the hive at my mom’s all blocked off so that it doesn’t get robbed.  Since in my research, it seems that it was just a winter kill I will be putting the new package of bees onto the provisions that are in there.  The other set of bees have had some warm days and so I’ve already given them some syrup.  There is more to do, though, hopefully, those girls will pull through what should be our last blast of cold.  I also have to paint the new hive and get it set up and ready for when this new package arrives.
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Just some Funny Ducks

We have been taking a bunch of photos of ducks and some of them just needed to be shared for the giggles and the awws.  So I hope you enjoy,  feel free to share them about as long as you let people know where they came from.
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