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Winter Time is Garden Planning Time

I’ve been looking back at how the garden went last year and making the appropriate plans for this year.  As you may have seen in some of the older posts I’ve expanded out my garden space and just this week I’ve finished making raised beds for the new expansion.  While I still need to fill these new beds, there is something nice about walking through the garden and not having a big empty area.
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Dreaming of Green: Envisioning This Year’s Garden

As we move further into winter it is a good time to start thinking about what you’ll grow in your garden this upcoming spring.  Last year I got a late start.  My planning was rather rushed and so I didn’t have that much time to think through where things should go.  I ended up tossing stuff in later than I should have and as such, I didn’t take all that good of notes.  I ended up getting some measure of success, but I think that I could do better with some more planning.  One of the things that I’m looking at doing this year is to develop a binder to hold all of my homesteading info, I’m hoping this will help me get a better hold on what I have accomplished and what needs to be done.
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