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Homesteading Quote: Dr. Seuss’s Lorax

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Apple Week Quote 2

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Apple Week Quote 1

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An Inspirational Homestead Quote: Gen George Patton (Quote 3)

So another in our series of quotes.  If you have missed some previous quotes you can go back to the Roosevelt quote and Churchill quote.  Today our quote comes from Gen George S. Patton.  For those who don’t know he was a World War II general from the United States.  He was a tank commander and is a rather well known general.  There is even a movie with his name as the title (it’s about him too).  We won’t go into some of the odd beliefs that he held, we’ll just stick with his quote.

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An Inspirational Homestead Quote: Winston Churchill (Quote 2)

Well it is time for another inspirational quote.  I don’t want to say that these will be a weekly thing.  I have a feeling as soon as I make that kind of statement that very following week I’ll forget to post one.  But this week our quote comes from Sir Winston Churchill.

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An Inspirational Homestead Quote: Teddy Roosevelt (Quote 1)

From time to time I plan on sharing a quote with you on here.  Just as a little bit of inspiration to help you along on your homesteading quest.  And more than that, as an inspiration to me to continue on boldly.  During various points in my training back when I was in the military we would be made to memorize quotes.  Some of them would be a famous military leader (like Yoda), while others would just be a bit of inspiration (like “Do or Do Not, There is No Try”).  Yes, we did have that quote as one to memorize during training.
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