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Making Rustic Spaghetti Sauce

So one of the things that I’ve been growing in the garden is tomatoes.  Last year we mostly grew big beefsteak ones, but the majority of what we did with them was can them and make spaghetti sauce.  This year we switched it up some and have more sauce varieties.  Well, they have started to come in and that means there is but one thing to do, make sauce!
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Winter time (One of the Four Best Seasons for Smoking Meat)

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy their Christmas day (and the continuing season of Christmas).  While Christmas is truly more than about presents, those presents can be pretty cool to discuss and enjoy.  I hope that you have all been able to enjoy time with your families to celebrate whatever customs that make the season special for you. Continue reading

Using Leftover Spent Grain: Dog Biscuits and Bread

The other day I brewed up a batch of beer.  Homebrew allows you to use either extract or grains and by using grains you have a lot more control over your finished project.  It also means that you have what is called spent grains at the end of the process.  The brewing process converts most of the starch to sugar and then extracts most of that sugar out.   When it first comes out of the mash it will be somewhere between 150 and 170 degrees.  Now some brewers might wonder just what is to be done with this.  It is a left over product and some may just toss it out after it has cooled.  But being in the homesteading mindset one can easily come up with a number of things to do with this spent grain.
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Making Mint Tea: More Uses for your Garden Mint

A few days ago I posted about making some mint extract and spent some words on how great mint is to grow and how easy it can be.  The problem you may find yourself is what do you do with all of it.  No matter how much baking you do I doubt that you can use it all in making mint extracts.  Even if you are making mint extract as gifts for your friends you might need another use for the mint, it can grow that quick.  My extract is still chugging along nicely, since it needs to steep for a month or more, it won’t be ready for a while still. Continue reading

Apple Cider Vinegar: What to do with your scrapes

All week long I’ve told you about stuff to do with your apples.  From butter and sauce alone you will probably end up with a pile of apple cores and peels.  The thing is what to do with all of them?  Sure you could just toss them all into your compost.  You could feed them to some worms if you like.  Both of those are great options, but what if there was one more thing that you could do with those scrapes.  Luckily is something else you can make.  Apple Cider Vinegar!
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Making Apple Butter: It’s Like Apple Sauce, But Cooked Longer

So perhaps you need something else to make with your pile of apples?  Already made jars upon jars of apple sauce?  If so why not make some apple butter?  It is rather simple and is amazingly tasty on fresh made honey week bread (but that might be another blog post).  If you have some apples and some spices….a several hours and a heat source, you can make apple butter.

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Making Apple Sauce or What Happens When There are too Many Apples

So I enjoy apple sauce, especially with pork.  My little bug enjoys apple sauce as well.  Because of this I make apple sauce every year.  The other thing is that much like making cider, apple sauce is a great way to use bruised apples or to take care of apples that you think might turn bad.  Clearly if the apple is rotten you don’t want to use it, but it is up to you how bruised and such you want to draw the line at.
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Apple Crisp: A Quick and Easy Desert for a Few Extra Apples

Sometimes I find myself with some apples, well I mean a few more apples than I may know what to do with.  And I hate the thought of them going bad and ending up in the compost.  I want to be able to use them for something.  Well luckily there is a nice quick and easy desert that you can make, the Apple Crisp!
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